Carmen Cadarso Suárez

Scientific Committee Director

Professor of statistics in the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC). Biostatech promoter, spin-off of the multidisciplinary group GRIDECMB, in which she is the main researcher.
Her wide experience in teaching and researching is proven by her CV, with more than two hundred international journal publications in different knowledge areas, and her leadership and participation in numerous research projects.
Currently, she is the main researcher of the Biostatistics National Network (BIOSTATNET) and manager of the Interdisciplinary Center of Biostatistics (ICBUSC) ( She is the Scientific Committee Manager of Biostatech, which supervises methodology and quality of the final results.
In the same way, the Committee guaranties the quality and functionality of the training activities organized by Biostatech, and takes care of the correct developing and finalization of the research projects with which they collaborate, coordinate or execute.