Biostatech is the link of union between university knowledge and its transfer to the business world, in order to provide solutions to the problems raised from the industry 4.0.

Biostatech has essential statistical methodologies and techniques to obtain information and results from your data, solving specific needs and problems, increasing data acquisition process efficiency and converting information in competitive advantages.


  • Productive processes optimization.
  • Strategic plans development.
  • Commercial management.
  • Data analysis software/tools integration.
      • Productive process improvement
      • Quality control monotoring process optimization
      • Process control models
      • Product actualization and improvement
      • New product creation
      • MoDemands and/or sales predictive models (temporal and spatial)
      • Risk estimation
    • Financial simulations
    • Product-client segmentation
    • Survey design and validation
    • Market studies
    • Commercial strategies development
    • Management software implementation
    • Control tools and alerts development

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