Our Team

Scientific Committee


Professor of Statistics at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). She is one of the main developers of BIOSTATECH, an academic spin-off that raised from the interdisciplinary group GRID[ECMB] in which she is the main researcher.

Her expanded experience in teaching and research is proven by her extensive CV, with more than hundred international publications in different journals in several areas, and also with her leadership and participation in numerous research projects.

Currently, she is the main researcher of National Biostatistics Network  (BIOSTATNET) and director of Interdisclinary Center of Biostatistics (ICBUSC). She chairs the scientific committee of BIOSTATECH, that determines the statistical methodology basis of the studies,  conducts the scientific quality and ensures the quality of the final results.

This scientific committee also guarantees the quality and functionality of training courses organized by BIOSTATECH and  is in charge of  the appropriate development and conclusions of the research projects, in which it cooperates, coordinates or performs.

PhD in Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and expertise in applied statistics. Administrator and Managing Director of BIOSTATECH. He is one of the main developers of BIOSTATECH and is responsible for the development of this business project.

In addition to his extensive experience in research, mostly developed in the Department of Zoology and Physical Anthropology of the USC, he is currently cooperating in several multidisciplinary projects of the Biostatistics Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and the GRID[ECMB] group, mainly in management and research tasks.


Scientific Committee Advisor. Head of the Unit of Clinical Epidemiology, University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela (CHUS).

Also belongs to BIOSTATNET, and the RETIC network called “Research Network on Preventive Activities and Health Promotion in Primary Care (redIAPP)”, with assistance from the Health Research Fund.

With over 100 publications in scientific journals of impact, such as:
  • García-López J.M., González-Rodríguez M., Pazos-couselo M., Gude F., Porieto.Tenreiro A., Casanueva F. (2013).Should the amounts of fat and protein be taken into consideration to calculate the lunch prandial insulin bolus? Results from a randomized corossover trial. Diabetes Technol Ther., 15(2):166-71.
  • García Seara J., Gude F., Cabanas P., Martínez-Sande J.L., Fernández López X., Madrid A.H., Moro C., Juanatey J.R. (2012). Health-related quality of life in different clinical subgroups with typical AFL who have undergone cavo-tricuspid isthmus ablation. Health Qual Life Outcomes, 6, 10:90.
  • Inácio V., González-Manteiga W., Febrero-Bande M., Gude F., Alonzo T.A.,Cadarso-Suárez C. (2012). Extending induced ROC methodology to the functional context. Biostatistics13(4):594-608.

Advice and training area

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Masters in Biostatistics from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) with additional studies in Medicine. Head of advice area.

Extensive research experience at USC (Laboratory of Marine Invertebrates and Biostatistics Unit of Medicine) (2004-2010), and the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (CSIC) (2011-2014), in the development of projects of statistical modeling and ecology quantitative, and studies of biomedicine.

Extensive training in various techniques and statistical tools, with experience in development work in different areas of the Life Sciences and Health. Specialist advanced regression models (GAM) STAR models, mixed models, programming R, among others.

She is currently involved in research projects coordinated from the GRID [ECMB], a member of the National Network of Biostatistics (BIOSTATNET), and develops her doctoral thesis on predictive models used to study the distribution and biology of marine resources associated with rocky substrates.

Bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics at the Complutense University of Madrid.

She cooperates in advice and training tasks, is a specialist in design of experiments and with high skills of the SAS statistical software.

Also cooperates in commercial strategies, social networks and maintenance of the website.

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Master’s degree in Biostatistics at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Full time employee of BIOSTATECH in advice and training tasks.

She is also a researcher with an extensive knowledge in many statistical techniques and tools, with an experience in developing projects in the field of biomedicine. She developed her research career at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research of the USC, as a consultant and as a researcher.

With high knowledge of the R statistical software, and co-author of the package: Optimal cutpoints.

She currently participates in several research projects of the GRID[ECMB] group. She is also a member of the National Biostatistics Network (BIOSTATNET), and develops her PhD Thesis in conditional models of  ROC curves (through conditional distribution and regression techniques).

B.Sc. + M.Sc. degree in Mathematics (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and M. Sc. degree in Advanced Techniques in Statistics (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia).

Andrea currently works as a quantitative developer at BBVA CIB and she is pursuing a Ph.D in Matemáticas at CSIC (Instituto de Física Fundamental) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid on mathematical methods applied to quantum information.