Business Advice

The use of statistics in the field of business, is essential to obtain information to help provide solutions to specific needs and problems, increasing efficiency in the decision-making proccess.

The needs of your company

Improvement of production processes

Increased profitability (time, cost, …)
Process optimization monitoring quality control (review or update control charts or diagrams, …)

Sales increase

Classification / product segmentation-customers.
Market research (potential customers, emerging sectors, …)
Predictive sales models (temporal and / or spatial)

Software/data analysis tools integration

Development of strategic plans

Determination of production strategies based on forecast sales or customer demands.
Increased profitability in sales (personal, reducing returns of material, …).
Financial simulations.
Risk prediction models.
Updating and improving products.
Creation of new products.
Increased visibility and advertising investments (internet and other media)

Where we add value?

Design of studies
Data treatment and analysis
Interpretation of results
Statistical software implementation (software R)