We are specialist in cutting edge statistical methodologies

New technologies generate big amounts of data, whose study and optimization is essential for process improving or results computation. Our team will help you to obtain the maximum benefit of your data, and to make decisions tanking account the results.

Interdisciplinary team

We are an interdisciplinary team, specialized in applied statistics, with a wide background in biology, mathematics, physics and medicine, which allows us to understand and approach the studies proposed.
Our high level in languages, enables developing international collaborations, and projects or scientific papers completion for our clients, in English, German, French, Spanish and Galician.

We work to approach statistics to the client

UOne of our priorities is to achieve a good communication and understanding with our clients, using a comprehensible language, which allows us to implement quality solutions to the problems received.

Quality studies in any of its steps

We develop quality studies which start from an initial point of optimal experimental design, data base generation, data processing and analysis, most suitable statistical methodology application to each problem, and results enhancement.

Advisor Network

We have an important advisor network, conformed by prestigious national and international statisticians, which allows us to solve projects from different areas.

We use advances statistical software

We program in R, and we manage others programming languages, using always advanced software.

We manage statistical technology transfer between research and business

Our expertise and academic formation allows us to know and give advanced solutions to different complexity problems.