Biostatech has a wide expertise and formation in the design and development of research studies and projects.

We provided products, tools and advisory services, which allows us to give quality solutions to researchers needs, in any step of the study.


  • ZERO: report generation support for the application of I+D+i projects
  • PRE: methodological advisory previous the data collection
  • POLL: survey design and validation
  • DATA: database creation
  • EST: data processing and analysis
  • PUB: scientific publications and I+D+I reports generation and review
      • Experimental Optimal Design
      • Size sample estimation
      • Templates and CRDs generation for data collection
      • Databases review and optimization
      • Data processing and analysis
      • Most suitable methodologies determination
      • Reports and scientific documents generation
    • Presentations and scientific communications generation
    • Scientific papers review.
    • Scientific papers generation
    • Answer to reviewers
    • Clinical trials
    • Observational studies

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